Science Fiction Awards Watch

Die ehemaligen Macher der mittlerweile eingestellten Rezensionsseite Emerald City haben ein neues Projekt aus der Taufe gehoben:

Science Fiction Awards Watch

Das sagen sie selbst dazu:

„Well, there are few things that the science fiction community likes to talk about more than awards, so we thought it might be good to have a central place where these conversations can take place. To that end we will be providing:

 – A list of awards, with details of how they are decided
 – Prompt news about these awards, including live reporting from some award ceremonies
 – A recommendation list (covering many awards, not just the Hugos)
 – Discussions of award short lists and favored candidates for nomination
 – And, of course, a blog

That’s the plan. Now it has to survive contact with the public.“

Immerhin sind mit dem Deutschen Phantastik Preis und dem Deutschen Science Fiction Preis auch zwei deutsche Preise gelistet.